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Both these solutions will work well and neither will affect the temperature of the shower. Thermal Storage is ideal where a balanced hot and cold water supply is needed such as a shower. It is inherently safe because the hot and cold supplies are the same supply. the pressures cannot fluctuate and cannot be different. There are many options available with thermal storage and they lend themselves well to multi fuel heat sources, gas, solid fuel, solar and ground source. The most efficient thermal stores are those that transfer heat via a plate heat exchanger as opposed to a coil within the store, the plate heat exchangers are generally externally mounted and provide superior heat transfer. This type of thermal store is invariably more expensive to purchase but the installation cost is minimally different. So to sum up Thermal storage units are ideal if there are multiple outlets connected that are possibly going to be open simultaneously. They are ideal if a balanced hot and cold water supply is critical. They are perfect if you want a shower that is BETTER than that one you tried in that 5 star hotel you once stayed in   Please bear in mind that the explanations here are simplified and there are may other factors to the installation of thermal storage cylinders.
McDonald thermal stores Newark Copper Cylinder Co Ltd Albion water heaters Gledhill   The links above are to manufacturers websites where further information can be obtained regarding thermal stores. Also good for the techheads out there.
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