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is the gravity principal, it uses the laws of physics to operate, most plumbing does. To increase the water pressure and subsequently the flow rate at the hot water outlets we can fit special hot water cylinders. These are known as ‘Unvented Cylinders’. These enable us to feed the cold water mains supply directly into the cylinder itself. This type of cylinder does not have a ‘Header Tank’ feeding it. This type of cylinder is made of stainless steel as the traditional material of cylinder construction, copper, cannot withstand the pressure of the cold water mains. The image on the right is of an unvented domestic hot water cylinder. They may at first appear very complicated but in fact the principals of hot water delivery by a traditional gravity fed cylinder and the unvented one here are similar. Both cylinders have the same function and are heated in the same way, either by a central heating boiler or immersion heater. This sounds great doesn’t it ? Hot water at cold mains pressure ! Ah, just a minute; all is not what it may first seem. Unvented hot water cylinders do have one small drawback. The pressure must be limited to 3 Bar (43 psi) in English money. Now 43 psi is a lot of pressure and will produce a good flow rate but it is still a limitation if the incoming cold water mains is at a higher pressure and this can cause problems with say a shower if the pressures are not equal, things like this have to be taken into consideration when designing an unvented system. 50+ Crossgates Plumbers are qualified to design an install this type of cylinder and are happy to survey your property with this in mind. So why consider unvented ??. The increased flow rate and pressure enables the use of high performance multi-jet shower systems. Multiple outlets can be open
simultaneously and still operate. Baths fill in seconds rather than minutes. Ceramic disc taps actually operate as they are designed to. The hot water is ‘Potable’ this means it can be safely used for human consumption, for drinking or cooking with, maybe filling the kettle. The main advantage though is the superb showers an unvented cylinder produces. A shower is only as good as the water system supplying it. There are many showers on the market that will only operate on an unvented system (or one boosted by a pump to the required levels). 50+ Crossgates Plumbers can advise which showers a customer should be looking at to suit the system.
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