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powerful machine a vibrating pad is sometimes employed to break down the solid deposits. Power flushing a heating system can take between 4-8 hours. However the time taken is dependent upon how big your system is and the condition of the system. Powerflushing can be an invasive process and uses powerful equipment as well as strong cleaning agents. Carefull consideration must be given to the age and condition of the system that is being considered for powerflushing. The decision as to whether a system is robust enough to withstand a powerflush can only be made after thorough investigation by us, we have 40 years in the domestic heating industry that enables us to make the judgement that a system is or isn’t up to the process. Take a look at the video on this page. This is produced by Fernox and demonstrates the
powerflushing process. All powerflushing machines operate in this manner. There is an excellent FAQ you can look at produced by the manufacturers of our machine. As far as FAQ’s go this is probably the most accurate online, highly recommended.  FAQ click here 
Powerflushing is not the answer to every problem that ever cursed a heating system, and cannot cure badly installed and designed heating systems but it can be of great benefit to systems that are problematic. If there is a problem with the system design then this will be identified and rectified along with the powerflush. Along with the powerflush, 50+ Crossgates Plumbers will test the heating system water before, during and after the flush to confirm the process is working and ultimately successfully cleaned the system. After the completion of the flush the system will be treated with a corrosion inhibitor to stop any further corrosion taking place. We use Fernox products for their reliability and proven track record.
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